Shelves and shelves of lovely cans and bottles of beer

Beer, Coffee, Art & Music….

It’s really as simple as that.

We’re a beer shop but with 4 keg lines you can drink in.
We serve the finest speciality grade coffees.
There’s gallery space showcasing pop art.
Plus we play our vinyl and let you play yours.
OK, so maybe it’s not that simple, but it’s our passions all under one roof.

Opening Hours

Tue & Wed   9:30am – 3pm
Thu, Fri & Sat   9:30am – 8pm
Sun & Mon   closed

Find Us

Unit 1, Church St, Wetherby LS22 6LP

Growler Fills

Simply choose your beer from what we currently have on tap, take it home and drink it. Wash out your growler, bring it back, choose another and repeat. Yes they’re 100% reusable.

Filling glass bottles or “Growlers” using a unique counter pressure system is the best way we have found for you to enjoy the fresh keg beer we serve at home.

The Science (if you’re interested)

The growler fill is a counter pressure system, meaning that growlers are filled with Carbon Dioxide flushing out all the Oxygen. It is then filled with beer directly from the keg pushing out the CO2 enabling the beer to remain pressurised. 

Basically your unopened beer will stay fresh for up to 30 days without any loss of carbonation. Once opened the beer will last up to 4 days, not that we believe you won’t drink it the day you buy it.


On Keg Now | drink in or take home

Keg badges
We Serve Keg / Craft Ale – This is the alternative to a traditional cask / real ale. 

The beer is served from a keg, it’s naturally fermented but in the main won’t contain live yeast. Instead it’s served under gas pressure which will add carbonation or “fizz” to the final product. The beer will also be cooled before serving rather than served at cellar temperature.

We realise that as recently as 5 years ago kegged beer would have beer snobs turning up their noses, it was considered to be cheap mass produced rubbish with no hops and therefore no flavour.

Things have changed massively though, microbreweries value the versatility and improved shelf life of kegged beer. Most argue that a keg will maintain a beer’s hop profile far better than any cask and therefore only brew keg ale and not cask.

Coffee – Ethically sourced, served in 100% compostable cups

We use speciality grade coffees from small roasters around the UK.

Our roasters include

Pump n Grind in Leeds

Machina in Edinburgh

Neighbourhood in Liverpool

We may not be able to put fancy patterns on top of your chosen drink (yet) but we do know what a bloody good coffee is and how to make one and that’s what we aim to serve you.

Americano - £2.50, Double Espresso - £2.00, Flat White - £2.50, Latte - £2.70, Cappuccino - £2.80, Mocha - £2.80,


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One of the Bottle and Bean team likes to paint. It started as a hobby but then people seemed to like the pieces and wanted to buy some.  So we’re giving space to show a selection of Pop Art and Portraiture pieces.

The original pieces can be purchased or they’ll be limited edition prints or you can commission an original piece of your own choosing.


There’s not much to say really, we like music and we hope you do too.

If you want to bring some vinyl down to share with us and whoever else is around then feel free.

Basically – Play Records, Drink Beer & Relax.

Nick Cave - Lovely Creatures (on vinyl!)